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If you would like to advertise in the Construct Ireland magazine or on our website, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us on (01) 2108437.

"It was most reassuring to see the level of comittment and subject knowledge of the production team at Construct Ireland magazine. The production was first class and I will certainly use this medium of advertising in the future"
- Fergus Lowndes, MJ Flood Energy Services

Magazine Advertising Rates

Full Colour Adverts
DPS €3500
Full Page €2000
Half Page €1100
Quarter Page €600

Special Position
IFC €2600
IBC €2400
OBC €2600
Right Hand Page Advert + 10%

Discounts available for magazine advertising contracts
5% discount for adverts in 2 editions
10% discount for adverts in 3 editions
15% discount for adverts in 4 editions
20% discount for adverts in 5 editions
25% discount for adverts in 6 editions

“I have found that responses to my advertising in Construct Ireland are of a high quality, and the responses are still coming months after each advert ran. The comprehensive after sales service is also proving invaluable”
- David McHugh, ProAir System

Online Advertising Rates

Online animated banner advert: €200 for 1 month

Discounts available for online advertising contracts
10% discount for 4 months online advertising
15% discount for 6 months online advertising
20% discount for a minimum of 8 months online advertising

Design service available
Contact [email protected] for further information on our inhouse design facilities

Magazine Mechanical Data:
Full Page:
220mm x 307mm (bleed full)
190mm x 277mm (text area)

Half Page:
190mm x 135mm (horizontal)
93mm x 277mm (strip)

Quarter Page:

93mm x 135mm

· Colour – Composite positives, emulsion side down with registration marks on each film
· Screen 150
· All adverts must be supplied in CMYK colour at a minimum resolution of 300dpi

Technical Data

Macintosh Disc (floppy/CD/ZIP)
Quark Express Version 4.0 or earlier

“I like Construct Ireland’s approach to renewable energy. I believe there is a genuine interest there, unlike what you might find from other magazines where you’re purely just advertising revenue to them. That’s why I have advertised a number of times with Construct Ireland”
- Colm Lawlor, Eco Heat

A4 bi-monthly publication
Full colour
No discount for B/W
Inserts accepted by arrangement

“I was actually quite astounded by the number of enquiries we received on our GEOlight Stormwater Storage system. People have phoned and are continuing to call, several months since we advertised, from as far away as, Donegal, Dublin and Cork. It seems people have kept the magazine or the article which is somewhat unusual. We would have to say, as adverts go in magazines, this article was one of the very few that we ever got feedback from, and was money well spent.”
- Pat Browne, General Manager, LSW Ltd., Waterford

We have got a good response from our advertising with Construct Ireland. The quality of responses has been very high, when compared with advertising in other media. We estimate the hit rate to be in the region of 50 to 60%”

- Ola Ballack, Sweco

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